Commercial and SBA Loans

We offer a wide array of business loan products with varying terms, designed to meet your specific needs. Our rates are always competitive, our decision-making is local and our service is unparalleled.


Our team of highly experienced commercial bankers can get you the financing your company needs. We take the time to learn about your specific needs and goals, then expertly provide customized solutions. With local decision-making and personal attention, we deliver unmatched customer service. Come see us for Commercial Real Estate Loans, Commercial Term Loans, Commercial Lines of Credit, Commercial Construction Loans and more.


We are a premier SBA Loan provider, consistently ranking as one of the largest SBA lenders in Missouri and quickly climbing the rankings across the country.  Why?  We know SBA Lending. Our staff of SBA Lending experts have the highly specialized SBA knowledge needed to effectively and quickly secure SBA financing. We’ll be with you every step of the way and offer tailored SBA solutions to grow your business.

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Lori M. Abreu
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(480) 468-5184
George Anderson
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(281) 414-8091
Willem Baas
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(832) 477-2077
Tyler Bender
Midwest Regional Bank President
(636) 232-2533
Michael Bernstein
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(727) 460-8713
Peter Birkes
Area President, Arnold
(636) 741-5936  

Ruben Cardona
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(512) 599-1315
Kevin Carter
Area President, Chesterfield 
(314) 583-7341
Mike Constant
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(913) 302-3292  
Samuel Criales
Vice-President, Business Development
(616) 210-6561
Tim Davis
Vice-President, SBA Department Manager
(636) 725-1290  
Traci Dodson
Area President, Kirkwood
(314) 394-6055
Tim Dudley
Area President, Creve Coeur
(636) 534-8438
Leslie Dunn
Senior Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(713) 865-6697
Bob Francis
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(636) 232-2608
Tim Franke
Vice-President, Florida SBA Manager
(813) 514-1465
Jeff Fulcher
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(480) 468-5182
Steve Grelle
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(636) 534-8440
Daniel Gutmann
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(618) 401-0841
Brian Hayden
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(314) 540-5988
Jared Howe
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(314) 394-6052 
Steven Johnston
Vice-President, Arizona SBA Manager
(480) 468-5180
Zahid Kamran
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(720) 519-7891 
Jordan Kimrey
Assistant Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(636) 232-2670 
Matt Lilly
Vice-President, Dallas SBA Manager
(469) 878-4378 
Tonya Mazurek
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(303) 378-3553 
Bradley McLaury
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(314) 338-7922 
Kirby Morris
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(314) 757-1324 
Michael Minton
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(903) 824-8751
Christian Munsch
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(214) 205-5776
Steven Nesler
Area President, Otterville
(660) 366-4321
Lance Noel
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(480) 468-5186
Larry Pearson
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(210) 540-0631
Rob Pickerell
Vice-President, Illinois SBA Manager
(618) 830-2231
Sarah Ross
Area President, Sunset Hills
(314) 394-4902  
Sanford B. Scott
Area President, Clayton
(314) 338-7920
Mike Seeley
SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(407) 461-1770
Tige Stromire
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer
(720) 425-5849
George Taylor
Vice-President, Colorado SBA Manager
(303) 547-4372
Dennis Vitt
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer 
(314) 952-1205
Michelle Watwood
Vice-President, SBA/Commercial Loan Officer 
(720) 990-8347
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