What are Debit Card Alerts?

Debit Card Alerts allow you to be notified when a transaction is made with your debit card by receiving an SMS Text Message on your mobile phone. You choose which debit alerts you wish to see.  

Why use Debit Card Alerts?

  • Near Real-Time speed of transaction alerts delivery allows you to be aware of and combat potential fraud immediately
  • Easy set-up, maintenance, and personal control
  • Immediate knowledge of spending habits helps to prevent overdraft fees
  • Instant identification of merchant errors
  • Alerts can be received while travelling abroad (receipt of SMS Text alerts may be restricted based on the carrier)
  • Personal control of the type of alert and monetary amount to be alerted for, ensuring you receive only the information you need
  • Opt out at any time by texting STOP to 26499



Debit Card Alerts

Protect yourself from fraud with Debit Card Alerts! Select what alerts you’d like to see and you’ll get a text as soon as suspicious activity occurs. Register Here.

Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card

If your ATM or Debit card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at (636) 937-5351. After regular business hours, please call 1-800-523-4175.

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